109 Van Riebeeck Avenue

The Gingerbread Lady Bakery

Cake that looks like, tastes like heaven and delights the soul.


How do I place my order with you?

You can place your order with us through whatsapp or email using our order form in our Order Now section.

Just browse our Menu choose your preferred cake style, color palette, cake size & flavor and we’ll take care of the rest! Once your order has been confirmed and accepted we will send an email confirmation to you with the order details and invoice.

Otherwise, browse through our online store to order some of our more “standard” goodies.

Do you make vegan or gluten free cakes?

We do accommodate certain cakes to be gluten free/vegan. Please Contact Us to find out if we can accommodate this with your cake.

How long do your cakes last?

As our cakes are freshly made from scratch, with no preservatives- we recommend for you to enjoy our cakes on the day picked up/delivered or within 6 days. If you do need to have your cake a day before an event, this will be okay too! Just be sure to store our cakes properly. (see below)

How do I store your cakes?

Please keep your cake in the fridge to ensure it stays intact. Each design varies, however cakes are best kept stable in the fridge. After cutting, please close off the cut-line with baking paper to prevent the cake from drying out.

Do you deliver your cakes? And where to?

Please see our Deliveries page.

How long in advance do I have to place an order with you?

We are a made-to-order bakery, serving our clients on a first come first serve basis. Thus it is best to place your order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, since we have limited availbility and are quickly booked out each week. We advise all orders to be placed 7 days before the time.

Can you squeeze me in?

Yes and No. We can never predict how busy each week may be so fitting in a last-minute cake can’t be guaranteed. Do however send us an email if you would like to be put on a waiting list in case another order is cancelled. Last minute orders cannot be guaranteed.

There is a cake in your gallery that I really like. Can you make something similar?

Yes we can in terms of styling and color palette only. Please note that all our cakes are handcrafted and uniquely styled, so we are unable to exactly duplicate any cake design and decor placement and composition. No two cakes from our kitchen will look identical.

Can I change my order once it’s been placed?

Yes, you can change your order with 5 days notice. Simply whatsapp or email us with what changes you’d like to make to your order and we will update your order via email confirmation. We are not able to accept any changes to your order with less than 5 days notice.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Due to the full schedule of our kitchen, and to be considerate of the advanced pre-orders our clients make, we do not offer a cancellation or refund policy once an order has been placed. Where possible, we will offer bakery credit toward your next order. Do kindly make sure that your dates and details are set before you place an order with us.

Can I pick up my own cake?

Yes you can. We advise you keep the below in mind when fetching your own cake.

Important instructions for preparing your car and delivering your cake

• Plan your delivery time to coincide with the last hour before the event begins

• The best way to transport a custom cake is either on someones lap, with as little sun exposure as possible, or on the passenger floor boards of the car

• Please prepare the area you intend to use in advance of picking up the cake by clearing out

any loose objects and vacuuming/shaking out any debris.

• On warm days, it is imperative that your vehicle has a working cooling system (air

conditioner). Please run it before your pickup to cool the interior of the car.

• Allowing pets to be in the car during pickup is strongly discouraged.

• Please adhere to the agreed-upon pickup time.

• Upon arrival at the event venue, be sure to set up the cake in a cool display area away from

sunlight (as well as away from where the sunlight may move to) without delay.

Can I order now and pay later?

No. All orders need to be paid for upfront. After your request has been accepted we will invoice you accordingly. Orders are confirmed once payment is made.

I am unhappy with my cake after I get home?

We ask our clients to please let us know of any imperfections or inadequacies with their cake before they leave the bakery so we can perhaps amend the issue. After a cake has left the bakery, it is agreed that the client is happy with the cake.

Where can we find you?

We are based at 109 Van Riebeeck Avenue in Edenvale.

Please try to find parking on the street when coming to visit as we do not have demarcated parking spaces. Call us on 083 451 8248 if you’re struggling to find us!